Here's an overview of some of the things I've worked on. I am currently an undergrad at IET Davv and looking for software dev roles I have previous experience as a SDE and a frontend developer. For more details, download my resume as a PDF, or check out some of my code on GitHub!

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May 2020 - July 2020

SDE Intern 

Software Intern involved in creating a marketing analysis tool from scratch named Web Cat using websites as data. Developed the ML model as well as the frontend for the project.

Created an Sandox enviornment for ViaSocket allowing them to execute users script safely inside a docker. Later built a browser interface to edit and run scripts.


May 2019 - June 2019

Summer School Intern 

Selected and attended in compiler design programm by ACM and Nvidia on Compiler Design. My area of intrest primarily on Machine independent optimization usign graphs.

Flocking Infinity 

Creator Chrome Extension 

Build a Chrome Extension based which replaces your new tab with boids simulation.


A 8 tiles puzzle game with A* search solver

Chat and see what your freinds are playing.

A color pallete generator from images

Drum Machine with audio effects (reverb, ADSR).

Find relation through between any actor and Kevin Bacon

Music Visualizer made with d3js and WebAudioApi

Skills & Languages 

React React-Native Redux Express GraphQl MongoDB postgreSQL Flask Pandas d3 Neo4j

Js Python C++ Java



IET Davv

Computer Science - 7.53 

September 2017 - June 2020