Here's a brief introduction to some of the projects I've built or made significant contributions to! More details about some of the most interesting parts of the projects coming soon...

Flocking Infinity

Flocking Infinity is a chrome extension which replaces your new tab in chrome with lively boids/flock simulation. The simulation is randomly genrated and dosen't form any repetive patterns and is quite simillar to how real flock of birds behave.

The Project is developed in Canvas js and is based on Craig Reynolds paper.

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8-TILES is a web recreation of popular sliding puzzle in React. The app also feature an solving visualizer which uses A* search algorithm and manhattan distance as weights to solve the puzzle

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Online tool to generate color pallete from images.

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The project allows users to create a room with friends allowing them to chat and see what others are playing.

It is made using MERN stack, spotify api and

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Web Cat

Built a market analysis tool with @Walkover by crawling 1 million sites and categorized them. With features like search engine,sub-categorization, rank and size changes of each Industry for analyzing market trends

All of this is packed in a clean but detailed UI. The UI is developed as a web app using React and is open sourced on my github profile.

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A Drum Machine made for desktop with WebAudioApi and React. Its design is based on the old and iconic roland 8080. It provides Attach, Delay, Sustain and Release controls for every instrument and a global reverb setting.

Rock Beats  Code

Music visualizer

A music frequency visualizer using D3.js and the Web Audio API.

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6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

The project find a Link between any actor in imdb database and Kevin Bacon. For Example Robert Downey Jr worked with Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2 who then worked with Kevin Bacon in Diner, therfore Robert Downey Jr and Kevin Bacon has a degree of 2.

It uses a graph database created from imdb database and then uses a 2 way bfs to link the 2 actors

The project is inspired from the following famous project and Paper.



Tetris clone in js

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