March 09, 2021 3 min read

So I started as an Intern at Fin Tech Company Groww. Here’s some thoughts and reflection on what I am growwing through.

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Well I met a lot of intresting and inspiring folks and working with them is going quite good. Also I realized in a few days that there is so much out there and I know so little. I was quite paralyzed by this like I kept saying to my self not in a million years I am grasping this. It is just way out of my hands. This did drop my productivity a lot I just kept on overthinking stuff was even afraid to open one more file as this will add more complexity.

The Dilema

In my past year I came to the conclusion that I will learn by doing but How can I learn all this by doing It is impossible.

There so much to Learn Where Do I start What’s the best way How do I manage my time

Well I do think that I was overcompliating things here is a quote that helped me

When I set out to tackle something – to solve some problem or create something new – in the beginning, it just seems insurmountable. When you enter a new field, you don’t know anything; you don’t even know what people are talking about! It sounds like it’s a foreign language that people are speaking. But, I know from my experiences – going back to my five year-old self – that if I just persevere, if I keep going in this direction, eventually I’ll start seeing what resembles a branch or a trunk, and then a leaf or two, and then I can start putting them together. Eventually, I’ll see the whole tree. I just know that’s the process. I try to repeat it often enough so it becomes a habit.

— Daniel Ek

The most common advice for literally anything you want to achieve is - do small bits of work, be consistent, have patience.

It’s frustrating how straightforward the advice is, but so hard to implement (simple, not easy)

Well Given my generation time span This is the most I can write. Will not touch on Time managment and Balance quite bad at it.

If you read through all this boring stuff let me tell you one thing It’s exciting :)

 At least give Vim a try

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